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I haven't seen the first 4, but

This is bad. The voice acting is awful, the animation is lacking, and the story is hard to follow. I'd invest in a new microphone (you can get a decent one for around $20) and get some friends to help out with the voices. For the story issues, adding a quick recap introducing the characters and story points would help a lot. As far as the animating goes, just keep practicing.

Don't resubmit!

If one of your movies gets Blamed, don't resubmit it, it's against the rules.

funkanator responds:

What are you talking about?

You're a horrible person.

I didn't find this funny at all, not much more then you spewing insults at someone.

0/5 0/10

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A Great Game

This is not a bad way to spend some time, a very solid game. The only real problem I ad was that on occasion I would get stuck, meaning I'd have no matches anywhere and no new bubbles were falling. I'd suggest adding a "jumble" button as previously stated with a certain number of uses. All-in-all, however, this is a very solid game.

Retro Gaming to the Max!

Wow, this really surprised me! Great, addictive game play and bright, colorful and simple graphics and a great soundtrack. The only improvement I would make is hiding the curser.

Congrats on the well deserved awards!


Not bad for two days, but still not quite good. I'd take some more time and add some different obstacles, maybe some car upgrades. As it is, however, it's just another below average game.

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Great song!

Just heard this in Cubix Collect and wanted to congratulate you on a great song.

Not bad

I think it would be better without the drums, and with some strings and a more prominent synth.

himenow responds:

It has strings in the background, and I didn't want to use any artificial-sounding synths 'cuz it would spoil it.
I also have a version without drums if you want it :P

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Great stuff!

I really like you style, very nice work.


Great work

Kamikaye responds:

Thx :)


Great line work and shading!


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